"MA'AN" is the name of singer/songwriter, composer and music producer Axel Wolph's inner voice and ancient soul - and now the title of his brand-new and sixth solo longplayer featuring eleven self-performed adult alternative pop rock songs, produced together with London-based music producer Alex Beitzke (James Arthur, Florence & The Machine, Jamiroquai et al) at Axel's The Green Meadow Road Studio in Aschach at the River Danube, Austria/Europe.

During a seven-years-lasting journey to his true, painless self, guided by one of his spiritual teachers, Axel found a way to live and deal with his inherited and recurring depressions and met his inner voice and being "MA'AN" for the first time. This may sound spooky and strange, but it's actually "nothing but natural", says the 38 years old father of three sons, now after 16 years of living in metropolises such as Vienna and Los Angeles, settled in the small village of Aschach at the River Danube, a place in Austria/Europe where he spent his childhood.

His new solo work - where he plays all the instruments by himself (except cello, see credits) - consists of eleven self-reflective, open-hearted, encouraging, laid-back, psychedelic, philosophical and captivating tunes about his path ending up in more "LVOE" and "JYO" (love & joy, naturally, Axel loves to misspell words to provide them more attention...) in his life as a man, a father, a partner, a friend, a passionate motorcyclist, a silence-teacher-in-training, a Buddhist and a songs and music creating artist.

Axel's songwriting stands for simple, catchy, Beatles/Lennon-influenced (see quote from an interview for NOW! magazine a couple of years ago: "My mother couldn't nurse me, so my father played me some Beatles tracks to come down as a little baby boy...") harmonies and melodies, paired with sometimes intimate, sometimes cinematic sound. His lyrics are immediate, direct and very honest reflections on life, existence and about his experiences as a human being at his prime-age.

AXEL WOLPH feat. SOULITAIRE "BRIGHT LIGHTS" - One Take Sessions live video

Music and lyrics written by Axel Wolph. Performed live by Martin Rotheneder aka Soulitaire and Axel Wolph.
Filmed by Kevin Rieseneder,
Recorded and mixed by Audiobomber aka Alexander Jöchtl,

"BATTLE ALONE" VIDEO (feat. Sven Sorring)


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